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What Is Growth Hacking Course? 

Growth hacking courses are known to be online growth hacking courses which are done through digital channels or means. This self learning course was founded and introduced by the CEO Sean Ellis who coined the Growth Hackers. Sean is also the one who coined the term ‘growth hacking’.

Why Take a Growth Hacking Course?

We take growth hacking courses in order to grow the company. Growth hacking is mainly about three (3) things which are: 

  • The funnel
  • The process and 
  • The skillset                                             

Growth hacking is a component-based selling that puts an attention on logical thinking.  As a growth hacker they are seen  to measure, analyze, test, compare, refine, and repeat to become a growth must learn some of the most important skills which is about the finishing part.  

Would you like to become one of them?

The growth hacking blogs, growth hacking books and growth hacking courses which are some of the best ways to learn growth hacking.

Besides all these digital marketing courses that are found on the websites, you will need different kinds of courses to help complement our knowledge to become a good growth hacker. Some categories of growth hacking courses include information analysis courses, and coding courses.

This are some best growth hacking courses in 2022 which are:

  • Growth Hacker Kit
  • Growth Mint
  • Grow hack
  • The Ultimate Growth Hacking Sourcebook
  • Growth Hacker Marketing
  • Growth Hacking Course
  • Growth
  • Traction Course.

Best Growth Hacking Courses

This are some of the growth hacking courses which are:

1. Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing by PersonaRise

Growth marketing is said to be an experimental effort system to discover the productive means of growing a business. Growth marketing is a big idea for growing your audience by testing various methods, such as growth hacking which require implementation of a specific plan on a particular method or making a quality product that grows a specific audience normally on a small budget.

The process involves a mix of marketing, development, design, engineering, data, and analytics. Our first course on our list is made for those who have a good grasp of digital sales also looking for the next move

In our case, growth hacking is the next step. Accordingly, you will learn many important growth metrics, such as lean analytics, web traffic, digital conversion funnels, and LTV and CAC calculations.

You’ll also gain access to cutting-edge info about inbound marketing, SEO, paid acquisition, email marketing, public relations, and viral marketing.

2. Clickfunnels & Sales Funnels Mastery

Funnels are a key component of growth hacking. And ClickFunnels is a tool that can help you exactly with that. The more you know about funnels, the more successful you become in turning your visitors into customers by turning awareness into profit.

Kevin David, the creator of the course, has made more than $10M with a single funnel, while two more of his funnels have generated $1M each.

Now, he shares his secrets from the very basics to how to create entire automatons.

3. Growth Master Training Course 

This self-paced course is taught by Sean Ellis, founder, and CEO of GrowthHackers. Sean is also the one who coined the term ‘growth hacking’, so you bet he has something good to say on the matter.

Growth Master Training Course is a series made for the seasoned digital marketer who wants to step up their game.

This course teaches you everything about growth and how you and your team will embrace it. Learn how to build your growth team, successfully lead it, and bring results.

4. Growth Marketing Certificate 

This growth marketing certificate are Top Certification for Marketers e.g.

  • Google Analytics IQ Certification
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional (BAAP) Certification
  • YouTube Certification
  • Stanford University Machine Learning Certification
  • Deep Learning Specialization Certification

The Growth Marketing Certificate from GrowthTribe is created to make you an expert in the tools, techniques, and strategies that the world’s leading businesses use to grow.

The goal is to assist one to unlock growth at every point of the marketing funnel with current tested and tried plans.

This curriculum of growth hacking course is divided into 4 Modules which are: 

  • The Growth Mindset
  • The Fundamentals of Growth
  • The Pirate Funnel and
  • The Skillset

5. Growth Marketing Diploma 

In the span of 12 weeks, you will learn the most in-demand marketing skills.

How do the world’s fastest-growing companies approach growth marketing and how can you do so yourself?

From technical marketing to user research and behavioral psychology, you will master all the skills necessary that will turn you into a successful growth marketer.

6. Product Marketing Fundamentals 

Product marketing and growth marketing often go hand-to-hand. This growth hacking course is dedicated to the former.

By the end of the course, you’ll have walked away with a clear roadmap of the stages you need to nail to successfully get products to market – and keep them there, and a shorthand explanation of how to get the rest of your company to rally around your function.

Your instructor for this course is Richard King. Richard is the founder & CEO of Product Marketing Alliance, one of the most popular product marketing communities.

7. The Growth Series (Reforge)

Right off the bat, the Growth Series wants you to know that this growth hacking course is not built for everyone. This particular program is made for professionals with over 3 years of experience. They also need to have a marketing, product, design, or engineer background.

The Growth Series is a 6-week part-time program. This year (2022), the Spring 2022 Cohort begins the week of March 21st. The program hosts are no strangers to the ‘growth world’ and they are no other than Brian Balfour, Bangaly Kaba, and Andrew Chen.

The Growth Series is probably the most demanding growth hacking course right now, but for those who are aiming high, there are really not many alternatives. If you think you got what it takes, give it a shot.

8. Growth Marketing Minidegree [CXL]

Many will get discouraged by the duration of this growth hacking course (1oo+ hours), and we can’t really blame them. But here’s how CXL frames it nicely: if you put in 2 hours daily from Monday to Friday for your learning, then you will need no more than 3 months to complete this course.

In the course of this course, you will have learned the growth marketing foundations, how to run growth experiments, channel-specific growth skills, and growth program management, among many other things.

This program, taught by industry practitioners, is made for full-stack marketers, UX professionals, and marketing generalists who are looking to specialize in growth.

9. Growth Hacker Marketing

his is “A Short Course Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising”, created by Ryan Holiday. But who is Ryan Holiday?

Ryan Holiday is the bestselling author of Trust Me, I’m Lying; The Obstacle Is the Way; Ego Is the Enemy; and other books about marketing, culture, and the human condition. His company, Brass Check, has advised companies from big tech to some of the biggest authors in the world.

The Course Curriculum of this growth hacking course is divided into 3 Chapters: Introduction to Growth Hacking, Four-Step Framework, and Growth Hacking in Practice.

10. Learn Growth Hacking

Mattan Griffel, the instructor of the course will help you get a good grip on growth hacking. In this fashion, you will approach the subject of growth hacking both in theory and practice.

You will start with the basics and the theory, and then move on to a more hands-on part. This is where you will learn the importance of landing pages, how to create one with Unbounce, and how to integrate it with Mailchimp.

The course also covers a few marketing fundamentals such as copywriting, A/b testing, organic content, SEO, virality, and sales.

11. Growth Program (Demand Curve)

The last of our growth hacking courses, the Growth Marketing Full Course is not branded as a ‘full course’ for no reason. Its purpose is to help you learn the full breadth of growth marketing.

The curriculum of the course consists of in-depth, tactical insights. Accordingly, you will have the chance to get educated on customer activation, growth strategy, analytics & tracking, user onboarding, landing pages, and much more. Ultimately, the mission of this growth hacking course is to learn how to build your own growth engine.

The curriculum includes chapters like: Common Growth Myths and Misconceptions, How to Actually Do Competitor Research, Ecommerce Landing Pages, and How To Read Google Analytics.

Data Analysis Courses

12. Analytics Academy (Google)

Possibly the most classic Analytics course on earth. Analytics Academy is the best place for anyone who wants to get started with data analysis – for two reasons. First, the program has been created for professionals with no previous experience in data analysis. Second, it’s free.

Analytics Academy by Google will give you the knowledge and tools so that you can grow your business through intelligent data collection and analysis.

It consists of 6 courses; 4 of which are dedicated to Google Analytics and the rest 2 to Data Studio and Tag Manager. Those are Google Analytics for Beginners, Advanced Google Analytics, Google Analytics for Power Users, Getting Started With Google Analytics 360, Introduction to Data Studio, and Google Tag Manager Fundamentals.

Here they are one by one.

Google Analytics for Beginners

This is your starting point with Google Analytics. In this course, you will get familiarized with the Google Analytics interface and learn to set up dashboards, after you create your first account, of course. Furthermore, you will learn how to implement tracking code and set up data filters.

Advanced Google Analytics

Following the introductory course, Advanced Google Analytics will help you with setting up advanced filters and other configuration settings such as event tracking and Custom Dimensions and Metrics. Last but not least, you will learn some advanced analysis tools and techniques about your channels, audience, and overall insight.

Google Analytics for Power Users

Google Analytics for Power Users is the third step in learning Google Analytics. This is where you will learn and practice techniques for comparing users who convert with those who don’t. In addition, you will learn how to attract high-value traffic, and how to improve site engagement and overall performance.

Getting Started With Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 is mainly built with the enterprise-level marketer in mind as it is the enterprise version of Analytics. In addition to the standard version of Analytics, Analytics 360 features Roll-Up reporting, Custom Funnels, Unsampled Reports, and Custom Tables.

Introduction to Data Studio

Data Studio was initially part of the Google Analytics 360 suite. Now you can get it for free, and also learn the basics for the same price – or the lack thereof. With Data Studio you can create real-time marketing data visualizations, among other things, and has a more refined dashboard compared to Analytics.

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Tag Manager is a free tool that allows you to manage and deploy marketing tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) on your website or app without having to modify the code. And, of course, it comes with its very own course.

13. Marketing Analytics (eCornell)

Originally established in 1865, Cornell University is an Ivy League University. To this day, it makes contributions in all fields of knowledge – from classical studies to electrical and computer engineering.

What’s more, eCornell is Cornell’s online learning platform with 14 certificate programs, one of them being Marketing Analytics. The ultimate purpose of Marketing Analytics is to give you the power to translate a bulk of data into meaningful business insights.

In this program, you will learn the essential methods of marketing research using data, and the analytical tools to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your digital advertising campaigns.

14. The Data Science Course 2022: Complete Data Science Bootcamp 

The mission of this Udemy course is no other than help you fill up your resume with some of the most in-demand data science skills today.

These skills include Statistical analysis, Python programming with NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, and Seaborn, Advanced statistical analysis, Tableau, and Machine Learning. What a few other courses don’t teach but this one does is that it will help you understand the mathematics behind Machine Learning.

Finally, The Data Science Course requires no prior experience and within 30 hours it will help you gradually build up your skills.

15. Digital Analytics Training & Certification Program (CXL)

Digital Analytics Training & Certification Program by CXL is a practical, hands-on curriculum full of useful and in-demand knowledge. Within 56hrs, the course will grant you all the skills necessary to land a job as a data analyst.

From Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio to presenting data and attribution, this course is built by leading practitioners and it shows. What’s more, the program includes study material, apart from its on-demand video series.

This course from CXL is ideal for Full-stack marketers, professionals who are looking to join growth teams, and UX and CRO specialists who want to level up in analytics.

16. Digital Analytics For Marketers Course (ADMA)

ADMA is Australia’s largest marketing and advertising association, counting over 350 corporate members.

This particular ADMA course is made for marketers for developing and managing digital campaigns, analysts who would like to better understand how to translate statistics and metrics into insights for marketers, and community managers responsible for social media engagement.

It’s a good introduction to digital analytics. Digital Analytics For Marketers Course will teach you how to apply a metrics framework to any digital campaign, how to read and interpret key reports in Google Analytics, and how to accurately attribute conversions in a multi-channel campaign.

17. Python for Data Analytics (Emeritus)

Python is the leading programming language in the market right now, even though “programming” may sound very scary to the average marketer.

Well, this course will hopefully help you tame that python!

The program is made of 100 Recorded Video Lectures, 35 Application Assignments, 25+ Discussions, 12 Live Online Teaching Sessions, and 4 Quizzes. From the introduction to data science to data manipulation and analysis with Pandas, Python for Data Analytics is one of the top courses for Python and data analytics one can find.

Coding & Programming Courses

18. Code Foundations (CodeAcademy)

Code Foundations is the answer to the question “Where does one start with coding?”.  This course from Codeacademy has rightfully been the starting point of many tech-heads in the world.

You will get an overview of computer science, web development, and data science in theory. In addition, you will write your first lines of code by applying key concepts.

By the end of the Code Foundations course, you will know whether coding is for you – or not. Whether you’re looking to explore new careers in tech or just learn to communicate with fellow developers, this is where you should start.

19. Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code

With this course, you will unlock the full power of WordPress, and you will go well beyond its abilities as a blog platform.

In consequence, you will get introduced to the PHP language, as well as you will learn the basics of JavaScript, and how to create custom post types and custom fields.

This coding course is made for everyone who knows or wants to know why learning to code means learning to do magic WordPress. It’s also made for the seasoned developer who wants to deepen in custom post types, custom fields, and creating relationships between various content types.

20. Programming for Everybody – Getting Started with Python [Coursera]

Getting Started with Python is a pretty-self explanatory course. Accordingly, you will learn the basics of programming computers using Python 3.

Within 7 weeks, the course will teach you how to install Python and write your first program, as well as the basics of the Python programming language. What’s more, you will learn how to use variables to store, retrieve and calculate information, and utilize core programming tools such as functions and loops.

Almost 2,5 million people have enrolled in this program until now, so if you are interested in Python, you may well be the next one.

21. Programming Foundations: Algorithms [LinkedIn Learning]

If coding is the building block of programming then algorithms are the building blocks of coding. And that’s why you see a course on algorithms here.

LinkedIn, or what used to be a few years ago, has a lot of courses on coding. However, this one is one of the most popular ones, and for good reason.

In this mini-course (a little less than 2 hours) you will learn the basics of algorithms: how they power the world, how to measure their performance, and how to work with data structures such as arrays, stacks, and queues.

22. Introduction to Java Programming: Starting to Code in Java [edx]

Therefore, here is the list of the best online Growth Hacking courses in 2021.

What should you learn to become a Growth Hacker?

There is a lot of confusion about what growth hacking really is, causing a lot of smaller online training on public platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare and Coursera, to have a much lower quality.

Unfortunately, those courses are of very low quality. They earn their money by promising you to go ‘viral’ if you use their techniques or by advising you to use slightly illegal tactics. You will grow quickly, but it’s certainly not profitable in the long run (or even more damaging!).

In another blog, I explain what the most important Growth Hacking skills are in 2021. The most important thing that you should learn are the ‘fundamental skills’ for Growth Hackers: This involves understanding processes, models and mindset. Think of controlling the GROWS process, the Pirate Funnel and the Growth Hacking Mindset.

Thanks to the fundamental skills, you will soon be able to think for yourself instead of simply repeating the same structure over and over.

A good online course mainly teaches you the Fundamental skills and a few Generalistic Growth Hacking skills.

In addition, you should learn a basic set of skills (the General Skills), so that you can set up your own Growth Hacking experiments.

Below are the four online courses that teach you correctly how Growth Marketing works.

Online Growth Hacking Courses.

There are many online courses around Growth Hacking, now let’s look at the top four (4) but there are few that really stand out, while many other online courses have jumped on the hype surrounding Growth Hacking for startups, causing a much lower quality.

Therefore, here are the four best online growth hacking courses, so you can really learn how Growth Hacking works:

1. CXL – Growth Marketing Mini Degree

CXL, once started as Conversion XL, has a very extensive (114 hours of video!) Online Growth Marketing course, in which you can also learn all specific growth marketing skills. The total course costs €773 / $899.

The online training environment of the CXL Growth Marketing Minidegree is perhaps too extensive: with 114 hours of videos about everything from Project Management for Growth Marketers to specific Google Tag Manager videos, this course may be too extensive for people who only want to learn the basics of growth hacking.

On the other hand, I believe this is the best environment for existing growth hackers to further develop their skills.

The CXL Growth Marketing Minidegree is provided by several teachers, so the quality varies slightly, but they always have experts in their field, like Peep Laja, Morgan Brown, Sean Ellis, David Arnoux, John McBride, and many others.

In addition to the Mini Degree, CXL has an online growth hacking course called Product-Led Growth by Wesley Bush. This course focuses specifically on SaaS growth hacking. Unfortunately, this extra course is only available as part of a $199/month CXL membership.

2. GrowthHackers – Full Beginners Course

The official platform by Sean Ellis, the creator of ‘Growth Hacking’, is of course one that we can’t forget: Their online Complete Beginners Course to Become a Growth Hacker is a course developed by, the largest online community for growth hackers, in collaboration with… me!

They’ve had some courses by themselves for a longer time, but this time we decided to create a course that would go a lot more in-depth and with a lot more structure for what starting growth hackers need to be.

I believe this is the best online growth hacking course for a fairly low price: $299, which is one of the reasons why I love so much: They’re not that commercial, but just love to share the knowledge for the sake of helping juniors.

It consists of 3,5 hours of high-quality video lessons that walk you through all the frameworks, skills, and tools that you need to know. It was specifically made to be easy-to-understand by anybody.

The entire course can be followed at your own pace, so no live moments, as the three training courses above do expect.

3. Growth Tribe Academy

Growth Tribe is one of the most well-known brands around learning Growth Marketing. You may already have seen some of their videos where David Arnoux discusses tools, tips and tricks around Growth Hacking or maybe you have considered joining one of their webinars.

For a long time, they only provided training and traineeships from their head office in Amsterdam or one of their other offices in Europe. However, since the Corona pandemic in March 2020, Growth Tribe has put more focus on online courses and turned their entire website into online growth hacking training courses within a few days.

Growth Tribe Academy’s new website focused on online training

Currently, they provide two online courses in growth marketing:

  • 3-Day Growth Marketing Crash Course for €1,197 (≈ $1,397) excl. VAT
  • 6-Week Growth Marketing Evening Course for €1,997 (≈ $2,297) excl. VAT
  • 12-Week Growth Hacking Immersive Course for €2,499 (≈ $2,999) excl.
  • VAT

What is striking about the online courses of Growth Tribe is that they are not self-paced, but consist of several days of live, interactive training courses. You will then receive additional in-depth material to learn more at your own pace.

I have also experienced the courses of Growth Tribe a few years ago and can confirm that they provide top quality training!

4. Reforge – Growth Series

The Reforge Growth Series is the most exclusive online training in growth hacking and has clearly been made for experienced growth hackers with 3+ years of experience. The course was originally developed by Brian Balfour and he involved several growth hacking experts to teach it.

Reforge’s online courses last 6 weeks and cost 5-10 hours per week on average, consisting of consuming teaching materials, hands-on exercises and online sessions.

The costs are no joke either: participation costs $3,495…

In addition to the Growth Series, which is mainly intended for the basic knowledge of Growth Hacking, Reforge organizes a few specialist online growth marketing courses:

The Retention and Engagement Course

The Experimentation and Testing Course

The Pricing and Monetization Course

The Advanced Growth Strategy Course

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