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UX design delights users by anticipating their needs and giving them something they didn’t think to ask.

Reed Jones, Sr. User Experience Researcher at Autodesk


UX Design is also called User Experience design, and it focuses on the user satisfaction derived when a user makes use of a product.

A Senior UX Research called Jones defined UX design as “delighting users by anticipating their needs and giving them something they didn’t think to ask for.”

UX design has a different meaning, and in this article, we cover 10 UX design meanings or definitions.

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10 Definitions Given By UX Experts

  1. UX design is the process used to determine a user’s experience when they interact with your product.

Laura Klein, Principal at Users Know, Author of UX for Lean Startups and Build Better Products.

“If UX is the experience that a user has while interacting with your product, then UX Design is, by definition, the process by which we determine what that experience will be.

Laura tells us that whether we like it or not, UX design always occurs. The occurrence of UX design isn’t dependent on if the organization or product has a UX designer or not.

We can say a product has a good UX design when decisions get made (during product development) that meet the needs of the users and business.

  1. User experience design is a design approach that focuses on the user of that product.

John Amir-Abbassi, User Experience Researcher at Facebook.

“Your question is about the definition of UX design is simple, the answer is a little complicated, and it sometimes can be controversial.

User Experience Design considers all aspects of the product (to be developed) with a core focus on the user. It doesn’t include beauty and function (usability and accessibility) alone but also delights and emotion of the product. The latter is usually tricky for engineers to achieve.

While a UI designer creates a toggle, a flow, an interaction that is beautiful, unique, sexy, and functional in a flow—a UX designer expands into all the disciplines that come together to make the user experience great.

  1. UX design focuses on solving problems through empathy.

Jason Ogle. Founder, and host of the User Defenders podcast.

“UX Design is an empathically-driven practice aim to solve human and business problems to remove obstacles and friction from a user’s desired goals—hopefully delivering delight in the process.”

  1. User Experience Design is a process that focuses on designing systems that offer a great experience to its users.

Justin Mifsud, Founder of Usability Geek.

User Experience Design is a methodology-driven design practice that ensures the effective presentation of the desired functionality of a system. It is not exclusively limited to interaction design. Still, it aims at the total user experience by including all aspects of the service provided, from the visual appeal to the actual operation and maintenance of a system.

User Experience Design enhances user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product through careful analysis of the interaction between the user, organization, and system. The crucial role of User Experience Design is to ensure that products support and anticipate what people need, rather than simply what they ask.

For example, a UX designer will develop a product around the basic principles of making a product more accessible.

  1. UX improves a product’s usefulness, ease of use, how pleasant, marketable, or addictive it is to use that product.

Steve Krug, Usability Consultant, Author of Don’t Make Me Think and Rocket Surgery Made Easy.

The term User Experience composes of UX Research and UX Design.

The term UX Research define the process of identifying how people will interact with a product or a service.

UX Design: This term improves product usefulness, marketability, and ease of use.

The term UX descended from Ergonomics, user-centered design, and Usability/Information Architecture until, in the wake of the success of the iPhone, it morphed into the current 46 subspecialties and flavors du jour. From its noble heritage of advocacy for the user (“improving the user’s experience”), it has displayed an alarming tendency to lean towards advocacy for the producer (maximizing usage/sales/addiction).”

  1. User experience design fulfills a brand’s promise to its user.

Martyn Reding, Head of Digital Experience at Virgin Atlantic.

“User experience design results from content, research, design and strategy and its effect on the delivery, selling and a product or service usage. In many instances, user experience occurs through incidental programming and assumptions made about the users. So, any brand that recognizes the value of a carefully crafted digital experience is distinct. We can summarize user experience as the fulfillment of a brand’s promise and recognition that how customers feel has a huge commercial impact.

  1. UX design is the art and science of generating positive emotions among people interacting with your product.

Tomer Sharon, Managing Director, Head of User Research and Metrics at Goldman Sachs, Author of Validating Product Ideas through Lean User Research.

The best way to define UX Design will be, “It is the art and science of generating positive emotions among people who interact with products or services.”

  1. UX design is a brand’s commitment to building products with the customer in mind.

Marieke McCloskey. UX Researcher, Product Strategist, and speaker.

“UX design is a brand’s commitment to building products that put the customer in mind. It usually starts with studying who the customers are, their pain points, and what they need while taking that information to provide products and services that improve the quality of people’s lives.

Design ideas are validated through honest customer feedback and iterated. It will guarantee that customers will enjoy using a product and that product will serve its purposes.

  1. UX design shouldn’t be limited to just designing for a screen because it is more than that.

Paul Boag, UX Consultant of Boatworks, Author of User Experience Revolution.

Paul said, “for me, UX design is so much more than just designing for a screen.” The user experience is most significantly affected by decisions made across an organization from the board, developers, marketers, product managers, and more.

  1. UX design is about anticipating the users’ needs and giving them something they didn’t think to ask.

Reed Jones, Sr. User Experience Researcher at Autodesk.

“Many people I’ve spoken to state that user experience is not represented through designs because it’s something people have. On the one hand, I agree.

On the other hand, UX enables us to identify the significant components that make a good experience versus a bad one. And when UX gets completed, the designed elements of an experience become invisible, and the user becomes delighted because we have anticipated their needs while giving them something extraordinary that they don’t think to ask for.”


You’ve learned what UX Design means from 10 industrial leaders. Now, kindly comment on which of these definitions you love most.

How will you define UX Design in your own words?

What exactly is UX design?

UX design delights users by anticipating their needs and giving them something they didn’t think to ask.
UX design refers to the entire experience with your product from beginning to end.

What do UX designers do?

You will notice that the demand for UI/UX designers has increased drastically from 2019 to date. The company realized that having a good design is a competitive advantage, and they are willing to invest in anything that will put them at an edge over their competitors.
When Google realized the Page Experience update and focused on User Experience, companies that depend on organic traffic decided to invest more in UX design to keep them at an advantage. This result in high demands for UX designer in the market.

What are UX design examples?

We will be taking Amazon Prime as a case study for this scenario.
In Amazon’s UI design, the designer(s) ensures a search bar and clarity of information on product pages.
UI designers might think about making it clear about product eligibility for two-day shipping through the use of icons or building a bright button on encouraging users to check out with one click. On the other hand, UX designers may ask questions like:
1. Can the customer quickly find a product?
2. Did it arrived when it was supposed to? 

What is a UX designer’s salary?

UX designers’ salary varies from country to country, but UX designer salary in Nigeria is between 40 000 naira to 200 000 for internship roles and entry levels. It is higher as the experience increases.

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